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CV and Statement







2005-2010              PhD (practice-based) Liverpool University, supported a Gladstone Fellowship

                                        from Chester University.

1993-1995              MA Sculpture, Royal College of Art

1986-1989              BA (Hon) Embroidery, Manchester Metropolitan

2013                      Sisyphus: Huddersfield Art Gallery, Huddersfield

2012                      TOIL: Project 4 Gallery, Washington DC, USA

2010                      Moments of Repetition: The Nunnery, London

2004                      Bristles, Balls and Brass: University of Hertfordshire Gallery

1995                      5 Squared: Atrium Gallery, Coopers and Lybrand, London

1994                      Eroding Pythagoras: Angel Row Art Gallery, Nottingham

1993                      One line and a Diagonal: The Pearooms Gallery, Lincolnshire

1992                      Mathematics of the Eye: The Bonington Gallery, Nottingham

2020                       Plastic Matter: Art and Design Gallery, University of Hertfordshire

2019                       DATAMI: The Bozar, Centre fro Fine Art, Brussels

2019                       Resonance III Festival: JRC Italy, a SciArt and Eu funded project

2018                       Place, Space, Action: The Market Gallery, Huddersfield

2015                       Carbon Meets Silicon: Oriel Sycharth Gallery, Wrexham

2015                       ROTA Thought Positions in Sculpture: Huddersfield Art Gallery

2013                       Finalist: 7th International Arte Laguna Prize: Venice Arsenal, Italy

2012                       Upcycle: ATHICA: Athens Institute for Contemporary Art, Georgia, USA

2011                       Compulsive, Obsessive, Repetitive. Towner Contemporary, Eastbourne

2011                       Textures of Time: Frederick Parker Gallery, London

2010                       The Plazaprinciple, Leeds

2010                       Making and Unmaking, Repair and Repetition: Axis online. Curated: Helen Carnac

2009                       Winchester School of Art Research Anthology: Winchester Gallery

2008-09                  Second Lives – Remixing the Ordinary, The Museum of Art & Design, New York

2008                       Unnatural Histories: The Nunnery, London

2007                       Negotiated Positions: Chester University

2006                       The Same Difference: Stark Gallery, London

2005                       In-formation: The Foundry Gallery Vault, London

2004                       Fantastic Plastic: 20-21 Gallery, Scunthorpe

2003                       Venus Sapiens: Luke and A Gallery, London

2003                       Mirror II Nature: Mile End Art Pavilion London

2003                       Chairman’s Choice: The Nunnery Gallery London

2002                       The Chelsea Physic Garden Exhibition London

2000&2002             Art Futures: The Barbican, Contemporary Art Society, London

1999-2001              The Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden

1997-1998              Free to Move: Birmingham Craft Space, Touring

1997                       Exhibition: Addison Wesley Longmans, Harlow

1996                       Art at 100: Hammersons, Park Lane, London

1995                       Art Marathon (BBC): Derry, Northern Ireland

1995                       Chelsea Physic Garden: Summer Exhibition

1995                       Paris Selection (RCA): The Mona Bismarck Foundation, Paris

1993-1994              Pan European FLEXIBLE Art: Germany, Holland, England, Poland.  

1993                       White Form: Turnpike Gallery, Lancashire

1992-1994              Crafts in Performance: Crafts Council Gallery, London & Touring

1989                       A.D. Graduate Exhibition: Aram Design Studio’s, London

2011                       Sculpture: Clifford Chance offices. Washington DC

2011                       Sculpture: 'Till Rolls' Towner Contemporary, Eastbourne

(2002-03)               Sculpture: Chevron Texaco. Aberdeen

1999                       Sculpture: Private collection, Chelsea, London

1998                       Short-listed: Sculpture, Rotherham General Hospital

1997                       Short-listed: Sculpture, Roles Royce Headquarters, Crew

1996                       Short-listed: Sculpture, KPMG Headquarters, City of London

1996                       Sculpture: Wollaton Hall, Nottingham

1990                       Sculpture: Albion Wharf Building, Central Manchester

1988                       Textile Hanging: Manchester Metropolitan University

1987                       Wall Panel: St Mary’s Hospital Manchester

1996-1997               Art Consultant for Nottingham Natural History Museum

1992                        Collaboration with Performance artists, Nottingham

1991-1992               Three Plank Rule: Collaboration & Performance with Risk Dance.

2018 - 2020             Artist Expert to the EU Commission

2009 - date              Senior Lecturer in Contemporary Arts, University of Huddersfield.

2006 - 2009             Lecturer, Winchester School of Art, Southampton University.


2013                       International Press Award: 7th Arte Laguna Prize, Venice Arsenal, Italy


The notion that something small such as: an object, an action or even the intangible (idea, number, concept) when repeated can form patterns, tessellating into complex structures or osculate into chaos is immensely exciting. The relationship between logic/system and material/organic reality is so significant and yet illusive, it has both the power to be generative and obliterate all at the same time. This has to challenge our very relationship with knowledge systems, repetition and ultimately our perceptions of ‘reality’.


My work is often large in scale, though the process applied to its construction is generally of a ‘hand-held’ dimension, and always repetitive, a repetition manifest in the labour of production.


I find that the purpose of the repeated action is more complex than a means to an end. It is not just a pre-requisite to forming a critical mass or achieving a particular form. The act of repeating is capable of questioning wider cultural concerns, such as: time and temporality, the concept of the moment, failure, boredom, erasure, the recycled object, ecology and authorship.


In order to explore further into the act of repeating, I have been drawn towards materials that offer a multiplicity, or act in a singular way when an action is applied to them and then repeated. Materials such as, till rolls and plastic spoons, have characteristics that can indicate repetitive actions, actions that are often considered unskilled such as looping, tying or scribbling.


There are no hierarchies; each repetition is as important as the last, and as futile as the next. Each repetition offers equal support to the greater whole, and yet each repetition is different, formed within a singular moment, forming a community of things that operate within a larger structure. In this way, each repetition offers value towards a greater intent.